Another Season has Come and Gone

The Weezul Brothers Band has completed another season of fun music and good times here in the Valley of The Sun. As some of you know the band plays a lot of the RV Resorts in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. I will say that this season has been one of the bands most successful seasons. We have made a lot of new friends and have made the old friendships stronger. The band has been presented to a new venue, Major League Baseball Spring Training.  There ia a possibility that the band will play at more games next year. Keep you fingers crossed.

We are taking a break. Personally, I am looking forward to a little time off to recover physically. As I get older I find it a little more difficult to drag all the equipment around and setting it up and tearing it down. It is like a traveling circus.

Please take a look at the web page on occasion. The schedule is located there and using the schedule is the best way to find out where we will be. I will try to let you know using the blog of any new gigs but I rarely get the blog out before the schedule is updated.

See you next season.

Mike 11096491_10204670912946255_1175257168865189294_n

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