The Other Weezul Brothers CD

You may not be aware of this but The Weezul Brothers have two CDs available. I have posted their respective covers  in the body of this Post. This is not a shameless plug (okay, it is a shameless plug). If you are interested in either of them contact Jack. He will fill you in on how to get one. I am not sure if we have any available at the moment but Jack will figure something out for you. You can find Jacks number on the web page (

Here they are:


Keepin’ It Real is a CD of original tunes written by brother Jack. The songs are a little Country, a little Blues, and a whole lot of fun.

Road Kill is a CD we made when we first started as a band to help us get the word out. It is a CD of cover songs, some of which we still do (only much better than we did then), and it is a fun to have.

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