The Band

To know the Weezul Brothers it is necessary to go back in time and look at our Daddy.

Joshua Weezul was a Poet-Musician-Signpainter, Snake oil salesman and ne’er-do-well
That traveled the length of this great land searching to find himself, or at least a warm place to lay.

Starting off in California, he took a chance on an Indian blanket and left behind a son
that found ol’ dad’s guitar…he picked up the name “Jack” because Dad denied him so often that people would question him saying,, “You don’t know Jack!” (That’s where that phrase originated.) but he did learn to play the thing anyway.

Upon leaving California Dad took up with a mountain woman that had settled in Ohio. Gnawing through the leg trap that helped him become a “Homebody”, ol’ Josh left behind a young man that actually thought that he was a wolf. His howling paid off when he found that, not only could he scare off real wolves, but he also learned to sing…since he refused to ever let go of his microphone, everyone called him “Mike”.

Daddy found himself in Detroit building Ford trucks, where he met a pretty girl working as a welder at Ford. She wasn’t actually pretty, but ol’ Dad wasn’t real picky. Anyway she swept him off of his feet, literally, and carried him off to live with her gypsy family.

Ol’ Dad fit right in with this buncha bums and eventually a son was born. Since he was the ‘Awfullest” looking kid they ever saw, they named him “Theophalous”. Not only was he kinda hard to look at he had a habit of slamming heavy spoons onto big pots. This became a problem, they would chuck him oughta the shack so often that he became known as “Chuck”. He later found a drum set and the rest is history.

Ol’ Dad then moved on to New Jersey, where he met his next love, a lady blacksmith that always wanted a son that she could teach to design and build things. His Mom and our Dad would watch in horror as juniors experiments would blow up in his face…Dad would laugh and yell, “Boy, that’s gonna leave a mark!” Yep, you guessed it..the name “Mark” stuck.

After Mark’s Mom tossed ol’ Dad out he moved to Nova Scotia and met a lady that tried real hard to get Dad to settle down. She thought that she might have a son that she could teach to play the piano, he’d be a real musician and together they might bring some civility to the ol’ boy. Were they ever wrong, Dad tried to name the boy “Sue” and she threw Dad out and gave their son a nice name, “Ken.”

The boys knew nothing of each others existence but they all got the word that ol’ Dad had been shot by a jealous husband. At his memorial service the boys all looked at each other and felt an immediate kinship to each other…as they talked they all realized that ol’ Dad had left them with talents that would work together, they started a band so they could finally bring some honor to their family name…SO FAR IT HASN’T WORKED!

3 Responses to “The Band”

  1. Sean Stoots Says:

    Nice story. LOL

  2. Randy Almost Weezul Says:

    This is Randy Weezul. The long lost and often not talked about step brother or the world famous Weezuls. Jack and Mike are the only ones old enough to have any recollection of me at all. See, I was born with the most embarrassing defect and when I was born, I scared Mike and Jack so bad, daddy Weezuul knew there was only one thing he could do to save his talented sons the daily horror of having to look at my hideous face every day. So, before the world ever knew there was a Randy Weezul, Daddy did the only thing he knew to do. He placed me in a box, punched in air holes,and added a can of potted meat and four bottles of Weezul Aid and dropped me into a collection box at the local Goodwill in Arizona. A young family of Bluegrass musicians found me and took me in and raised me as their own on a hog farm Pennsylvania, thus saving the embarrassment of people seeing the horribly odd looking child and realizing that the different looking kid was indeed a Weezul. I am not angry. With me out of their way, my brothers went on to become what is now known as the world famous Weezul Brothers Band. See, I born so much different than my talented brothers. I had the one thing that made me SO different from my brothers…. I was born good looking.
    But as long as I know that they are out there in the desert heat, playing their music, I am at peace. I just wish the other brothers knew just how close they came to having Randy, the original bass playing Weezul in their life.
    Peace Brothers

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