Nothing New



Here I am, sitting at the old laptop with music on my mind. I hope we can get back out there someday, soon. We are older guys. I wonder how much longer we will be able to do it.

It gets harder and harder to do as each year passes. If I listened to my body, I would give it up. Load in and load out is a bitch. My heart will not allow me to stop so I keep going. In this downtime I have been learning new tunes and making the old songs better (I hope). I have been evaluating my sound system. The old system is heavy and hard to move. The new sound equipment is much lighter and easier to move around and it sounds better, too. The investment is substantial enough that I have to wonder if it is worth it to update. (Anyone have a spare $2400.00 you can give me)?

When I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia last year I played my guitar and sang at a lot of clubs and bars. Every club and bar had their own sound system. There was almost a competition between them to see which one had the best sound system. It is a completely different environment than what we have here in the Phoenix area. I am aware that there are a few high end clubs here that have excellent sound systems and great sound people who have them dialed in but they are the exception, not the rule. It sure was awesome to walk into a place, plug in and play, unplug and walk out. Even the drummers only carried their cymbal bags and a stick bags s(sometimes their kick pedal). Different world.

Well, we shall carry on. Who knows what the future holds? The Weezul Brothers don’t know any better anyway.

One Response to “Nothing New”

  1. Hang in there Brother…it can’t go on forever!!!
    Your older brother Jack!!😎

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